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Let's Talk About Film Photography…

So what is film photography and why is it so great?


We could fill this space with lots of technical jargon about colour profiles or grain structures. We could talk about the unmistakable look of film and how many digital photographers spend their time trying to mimic it's appearance. But we aren't going to bore you with all that...

There is one main reason that we love film so much and that is longevity. You see, film is photography in a physical form. You can handle it. It's a real tangible thing to touch and feel that doesn't just exist as a string of noughts and ones on a computer.


We truly believe that photography shouldn't just exist on a hard drive, but should be framed and proudly displayed on walls or kept safe in books, where it is always just an arms reach away to enjoy with close friends, a cup of tea and maybe a biscuit (or five). It should be loved, cherished and passed on to future generations to enjoy.

Looking back through family photo albums with our loved ones has always been a major part of our love of photography. These aren't just pictures, they are windows into some of the most important moments of our lives... and that is why film is so great.

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