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Wedding Film Photography FAQs

So let's get this straight... when you say film, you don't mean a video?

Nope - we don't offer videography services I'm afraid, although we can recommend some videographers if you would like.

We take still photography on film. This is also known as analogue photography.

How will the images look?

Film images will be in a square format as they are shot on "medium format" film - this is different from the film that you probably remember from your youth, but produces much more detailed images.


Images will be in black and white, but we can also offer colour film photography by request.

How many images will be taken on film?

That really depends on a number of factors including lighting, weather and suitability. We try to shoot a couple of rolls per wedding day and a roll (or two) on an engagement shoot, so you'll receive a nice mix of our digital and analogue work.

How will the film images be delivered?

Any images taken on film will be delivered digitally along with the rest of your photographs.

Can you offer prints too?

We certainly can offer prints of your wedding film photography.


We offer all of our prints (both digital and analogue) as giclée prints, which are super high quality (you can learn more about them here)

So you're using a different type of camera?

Yep, it's called a Hasselblad 500c/m

The more posed film photography images are taken on the classic Hasselblad - it's a camera with a strong heritage in fashion photography and NASA also took them to the moon during the Apollo space missions. It looks quite different from how many people think of a camera, but it's widely considered a design icon.


Does that mean having my photograph taken on the Hasselblad will be different?

It certainly does, which is one of the nice things... it's an experience! Photographing on film is slower and more considered - there are only a limited number of images that can be taken and the camera doesn't work out any of the technical stuff, so it might take Al a moment to decide the best settings to use! Don't worry though, Phil will be buzzing around capturing digital photographs at the same time!

Will you only photograph certain elements of the day on film?

Not necessarily! Film photography will be focused towards the more "posed" bride and groom shots, but there may be occasions when film is used elsewhere.

Can you photograph my entire wedding on film?

This isn't something that we offer - we like to provide a selection of both digital and analogue photographs to our clients.

Aren't film photographs developed at the chemists...?


Well, we don't go to Boots, that's for sure! Film developing is a chemical process and all of our film is hand developed in house so that we have complete control over how the finished images look.


Pressing the shutter button is only the half of it - how an image is developed can make or break a photo so we do it ourselves. That way we know it's been done to our high standards.

But I still have questions and the answers aren't here! What should I do?

That's ok, we are only a phone call or email away. If you would like to find out more about film, you can find our details at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, fill in a contact form and we'll get right back to you!