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Portrait of Al Darley, wedding photographer. Shot at Bradgate Park, Leicestershire. Darley and Underwood photography. Natural and wedding photography in the East Midlands
Phil Underwood, wedding photographer. Shot at Bradgate Park, Leicester. Darley and Underwood Photography specialising in relaxed documentary style wedding photography.

We are Al and Phil and we shoot weddings together to provide full coverage of your day wedding day.

We love what we do - capturing the real moments of emotion and celebration with family and friends. Documentary style wedding photography is our thing and our aim is to tell a story, from the morning jitters and excitement, to the romance of the ceremony and through to the evening fun.

Our home is the Midlands, but that doesn't stop us venturing across the UK, Europe or indeed the world for our couples.

Find out more about us both below, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or to discuss your big day.

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Al & The Darley Family.

Portrait of Al Darley with his son surrounded by evergreen trees and lavender. Shot in the Lake District. Darley and Underwood Photography, Melton Mowbray based Wedding Photographers, covering the East Midlands, UK mainland and beyond. Natural wedding photography.

My wife, Vicky, is also my best friend (pretty handy, eh?). We met at school and used to walk home together. I love everything about her, but I think that my favourite thing is the way she wrinkles her nose when she laughs.

We have a little boy called Piran, who dreams of being a rock star. I love spending time with him - whatever hijinks we're up to, you can guarantee that we'll be having a blast.

When I'm not taking pictures I love playing the guitar, exploring the great outdoors and going in search of amazing artisanal food (not all at the same time, obviously!).

Check out some other fun facts about me below:

Ey Up! I'm Al and I live in Melton Mowbray, in the North East of Leicestershire, not far from the border of Rutland.

I am originally from North Yorkshire, but moved down the country for work, when I was fortunate enough to land a job with Next as a trainee merchandiser. Shortly after, I moved to the overseas team and I stayed with them for seven years, learning "how to business", while getting to see some incredible countries.

I'll always be grateful to them, but eventually I decided to follow my heart and pursue my passion... which is how I find myself here today as a full time East Midlands wedding photographer.

Darley and Underwood photography, specialising in relaxed wedding photography.
Darley and Underwood Photography. East Midlands wedding photographers.
  • I have a first class degree in Music Technology and some of my wildlife sound recording work was used in a BBC radio documentary about tigers.

  • I LOVE cheese. To the extent that it's one of the main reasons that I moved to Melton Mowbray - Stilton is AMAZING.

  • My first car was a classic Mini and even though bits randomly fell off it, I still maintain that it's the best car that I have ever owned (and probably ever will own, until I manage to save enough for a Morgan).

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Phil & The Underwood Family.

Now, how on earth am I meant to follow Al's little introduction? It turns out, that despite rumours, Al has some interesting things to say! But, less about him...

As the title suggests, I'm Phil - the Director of the "Underwood" side of the business. I'm Leicester born and bred, but I live a slightly more rural life in the village of Barlestone these days with my wife, Jen, and my cheeky sausage of a daughter, Phoebe. 

I love a massive helping of adventure! This has been tamed somewhat recently (I blame Phoebe!), but it ignited my interest in photography.  

011- Phoebe Adventure (P-D-T).JPG
009 - Phil Jen and Phoebe (P-D-T).JPG

Travelling around the world in my early 20s, followed by a lovely sales and marketing job at a wedding / corporate events venue made me photography mad. This does mean that I'm a latecomer to the photography world, but that hasn't stopped me! 

I now take my camera everywhere to capture fun with family and friends, as well as snapping that 5am sunrise over the Cornish coast. Al also might mention my love of photographing cows, so I thought I'd give you a snippet here. 

Wedding photography simply allows me to use this passion to create beautiful photos for you - what could be better?

Fun facts? There's too much to say!! I could add that I also have a first class degree in Sport Management, but that would be showing off! So I'll stick to my ramblings about my life... 

Outside of photography you’ll find me exploring the countryside, scrambling up random hills, rock climbing, surfing, snowboarding, playing hockey and searching for the tastiest food. Food is massive for me. MASSIVE! I don't stop moving, which requires fuel. Really, really tasty fuel!

I'd also like to own a cow one day. Preferably a Highland Coo. With a Highland Coo friend. Naturally. 

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