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Eco-Friendly Wedding Photography.

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Happy young couple walking through a rural landscape. Darley and Underwood Photography - Environmentally Friendly Wedding Photographers. Image shot in the Peak District.

Just because we’re a small two man team doesn’t mean that we can’t do our bit to help our wonderful environment. On many occasions we rely on the natural environment around us for beautiful backdrops to our wedding photography. It frames the subjects of the photograph, it provides places to explore and tranquillity to relax in.

For the reasons above, and many more, we try to reduce our footprint by taking simple steps that come naturally to us. This is to ensure that less waste and pollution enter the environment to not only keep places looking nice, but to preserve cleanliness, air quality and our climate for future generations.

Bridesmaid walks through lavender. Darley and Underwood Photography. Eco-friendly wedding photographers based in Leicestershire.

What Makes Us Environmentally Friendly Wedding Photographers?

That's a great question - We incorporate environmental factors into everyday decisions for our little business

For example; we are careful to only print when necessary, and when we do, we use recycled paper and limit the use of ink. We reuse or recycle as much as we can and our business cards are even made from recycled t-shirts!

Both of our homes - where our offices are based - have electricity supplied by renewable sources and we are sure to switch off our LED lights when they are not required. We predominantly have our regular team meetings over the internet and wherever possible, try to factor in car sharing when planning for weddings, to reduce vehicle emissions. Not only this, but we also tend to put a jumper on rather than cranking the heating up!

We even source environmentally friendly photography supplies where possible.

We’re proud to be an eco friendly wedding photography business and we hope other wedding suppliers and local businesses can do their bit too.

Wildflower meadow in front of tipi wedding venue, Sheepy Meadows, based on the grounds of Mythe Barn, Atherstone, Warwickshire. Darley and Underwood Photography, environmentally friendly wedding photographers specialising in relaxed and fun wedding photography.

Advice to Create Your Perfect Environmentally Friendly Wedding.

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You can find out how you too can minimise the environmental impact of your big day without removing any of the fun by visiting our dedicated eco wedding blog:

If you have additional insight into minimising that pesky carbon footprint, we would love to hear from you!

Simply drop us a note at the link below and you may be featured in a future blog!

A beautiful flower within a bridal bouquet. Darley and Underwood Photography, Leciester based wedding photographer, eco-friendly. Image shot a Stapleford Park.
Daisy flowers in front of Dovecliff Hall Hotel. Darley and Underwood Photography, environmentally friendly wedding photographers based in the East Midlands.
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