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New Wedding Restrictions - 30 People at Receptions! Don’t Forget to Invite a Wedding Photographer

Today is a big day for engaged couples across England and a big day for the wedding industry too! Couples, cake makers, wedding venues, mums and dads, celebrants, florists and photographers have all been waiting for restrictions to be lifted on weddings – even in small doses – and today that very thing happened.

Documentary Wedding photography at Dodmoor House, Warwickshire. Wedding dress details as the happy couple embrace.
Wedding photography at Dodmoor House, Warwickshire. All the details!

Without our normal direct inside access to government advisors and Boris's notepad right now, we too are reliant on public announcements and the media frenzy that follows. Then there’s the big problem – actually deciphering what it all means. With this in mind, we unfortunately don’t pretend to have all of the answers. And, by the time we publish this blog, the information is likely to have changed again, so bear with us [insert mental picture of polar bear in top hat here].

Shall we add to the confusion by mentioning that we’re based just outside of Leicester – some of which is still in a local lockdown (not where we live – don’t worry)? Let’s ignore that for now.

As of today, 30 people are allowed at your wedding ceremony and reception – that's the new rule. Yay!! However, please note the official wording that states; “receptions and other celebrations for weddings and civil partnerships can take place in COVID-19 Secure environments”.

30 people includes you (the couple doing the ring swapping thing), your guests and any non-venue employed staff – a magician for example, or a photographer maybe.

If you plan to hold your wedding during this time, we would recommend familiarising yourself with the restrictions and consulting with your wedding venue for advice.

Side note - Could we just take a moment to enjoy the lack of spell checking on the government’s website right now? “at least 2 metres, or 1 mere with risk mitigation (where 2 metres is not viable)”. Mere?

Where were we…?

Taking all of the above into account, today is a good day! Clearly some of the above is written in jest for comical value. To be clear – we are over the moon that restrictions are finally being lifted. We’re over the moon for you guys. We’re both married, so we understand your excitement for the big day, but for it to then be taken away must be a nightmare. Please keep in mind that when you do get to tie the knot – it’s going to be amazing.

Aside from a mini celebration of progress, we wanted to simply say that we’re here – we’re open for business – we’d be delighted to photograph your wedding. We love wedding photography, no matter how many people are in attendance.

We are aware that our standard wedding photography package isn’t ideal for the current circumstances due to the limitations of photographic opportunities available and time restrictions. Please therefore ignore the price stated – it’s too much. Get in touch with us for a chat, and based on the restrictions at the time, we’ll provide a bespoke wedding photography price.

For those not letting the restrictions stop them getting married – have an amazing time. Remember, love is all you need.

Phil and Al x


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