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The New First Dance Trend?

This blog will come as a relief to those couples planning their wedding who aren’t keen on being the centre of attention. We saw something and we were impressed, so we’re writing a blog about it to help you. So, what is this new first dance trend?

LGBTQ+ mini flag being held in the air by dancing bride with stutter drag photography style and bridesmaid laughing next to her. Titchwell Manor Hotel.

If you’re thinking, “I need a first dance alternative” or that “I don’t want a traditional first dance”, then this might be your cup of tea.

Let’s be honest from the start, this isn’t a trend as far as we know. We haven’t done the research to confirm its “trend” status. We’ve seen it a few times over the years, the latest version being particularly superb! That’s right, we said “superb”. Keep reading.

Is it a 2023 First Dance Trend?

Who knows. But this is what we’re talking about in the form of events as they unfolded.

Wedding DJ announces that the first dance is imminent, so please gather around the dance floor.
Bridesmaids usher guests all the way around the dancefloor.
Bride and groom are announced onto the dancefloor.
Bridesmaids then tell the guests to tighten in around the happy couple.
DJ announces that this is no ordinary first dance and hits play on a banging song akin to a 90s rave.
And finally, the DJ and bridesmaids combine to get everyone bouncing and raving. Queue absolute scenes!

Not only is this a solution to the traditional first dance fears, but it also gets everyone dancing! Sometimes you have the first dance, a quick boogie with half the guest and then the dancing is over for two hours whilst everyone enjoys the produce at the bar. This method got things going from the very start. And it didn’t stop.

We were guests (not photographers) at this wedding at Dodford Manor Farm, so we don't have any photographic evidence for you. But to help with the inspiration, we thought we’d include some wedding dancefloor snaps from the archives. Because we’re wedding photographers. Obviously.

Much love,

Phil & Al x

Black and white natural dancefloor photography at a Leicestershire wedding. Bridesmaid laughing in crowded wedding dancefloor holding her dress up.

Bride and groom dancing with bride in the spotlight laughing towards her groom. Handing in hand casual first dance at Shearsby Bath, Leicestershire

Black and white wedding dancefloor crowd with spotlight on wedding guest in the middle. Wild dancefloor scenes with arms in the air at Ladywood Estate for an Asian wedding.

Bride and groom dancing with all of their wedding guests at Mythe Barn wedding venue.

Wedding guests having fun on the dancefloor with polaroid camera.

Bride and groom first dance at Manhatten, Leicester. Bride in wedding dress laughing with her head back.

Shutter drag black and white photo of bride and groom dancing on the dancefloor at Mythe Barn wedding venue. Bride twirling with lights stretching across the photo.


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