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Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaids & Bridal Jewellery with Lucy Flint Jewellery

This strawberry pendant is one of Lucy's favourite new pieces.

So, you've chosen the lucky ladies who will be your bridesmaids. Congrats!

There is no doubt that this exclusive group is made up of people that are very special to you; best friends, sisters, soon to be sister-in-laws and cousins. They'll be by your side, supporting, assisting and playing a key role in one of the most important days of your life and you'll want them to look the part...

Lucy of Lucy Flint Jewellery, Oakham

So let's take this opportunity to talk about choosing the jewellery that they will be wearing on your big day. To find out a little bit more about choosing the perfect bridesmaids jewellery, we went to see our friend Lucy Flint from Lucy Flint Jewellery at her lovely boutique in Oakham, Rutland.

Lucy is a super-talented jeweller with a beautiful and unique style inspired by her love of nature. All of her pieces are designed and carved in wax by hand before being sent to be cast locally in sterling silver - she is a real artisan!

Lucy says that it's a great idea to start thinking about the themes you have chosen for your wedding when looking for jewellery. For example, you may want your jewellery to reflect the flowers in your bouquet or you could look for pieces set with gemstones that match your colour scheme.

While there aren't any rules, bracelets tend to be a very popular choice for bridesmaids. If you haven't made a final decision on dresses yet, it is a safer option.

Bracelets are popular choices for bridesmaids jewellery. Flowers can tie back to your bouquet choice too.

Perhaps you want to make your bridesmaid's jewellery that bit more special? Lucy suggests personalising the pieces. There are so many options to choose from, the world is your oyster! Perhaps you would like to add the date of your big day? As the jewellery is a gift to be worn over and over again, you could even add your bridesmaid's initials.

By this point, the brides among you may be thinking "Hang on... I like jewellery! What about me?" Well, if you are looking for something truly unique and incredibly special, Lucy also offers a bespoke service.

When considering bespoke options, Lucy suggests building story boards full of inspiration that will help to steer you towards what the final piece will look like. It doesn't just need to be images of jewellery either - include ideas from your weddings plans, colour swatches and images that portray the feeling that you are looking for.

When working on bespoke jewellery, Lucy will produce initial sketches before hand carving and producing a one of a kind piece just for you. If you want, Lucy's incredibly talented husband, Jacob (a former visual artist for Hollywood films) can even 3D model it for you.

Lucy's jewellery isn't all silver! These beautiful pendants are 22ct gold plated.

Going down the bespoke route provides you with a world of possibilities to create something to fit your wedding perfectly. If you would prefer gold, it's not a problem. Want a specific gemstone set in it? Consider it done. Whatever you choose, you can guarantee that it will be as unique as you are and a one of a kind piece.

No matter what you choose, we are sure that it'll be perfect, but we hope these tips and tricks will go some way to helping you on the quest to find the jewellery that speaks to you!

Lucy's latest pendants - the blackberry is a favourite of Al's!

Lucy's designs are inspired by her love of nature.

Bracelets are a great option when looking for bridesmaid's jewellery.

A trio of pendants - these are Lucy's favourite designs.

Lucy demonstrates her skill, showing us how she works her jewellery.

No fancy machines here! It's amazing what Lucy can achieve with hand tools and her talent.

Lucy's work is incredible. She works fine details into all of her jewellery.

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