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The Wedding Fayre - Your Hidden Gem!

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Wedding fayres may not be at the top of everyone's list when it comes to wedding planning, and I’m not just looking at the grooms-to-be here! But take a leap - dive in - give it a shot - you might just enjoy it!

A few years back, wedding fayres went under the radar somewhat, with many brides and grooms reliant on utilising the power of the internet to plan their big day - from the finer details to the wedding staples, such as the cake! But the trend has reversed - wedding fayres are back, and we think rightly so!

We didn’t want you to just take our word for it though - why would you? Instead, we went to a local wedding fayre, as guests, to find out why you should be attending a wedding fayre near you in the run up to your wedding. Here’s what we found out at Norton Fields Wedding Venue, in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside… Hot off the press!

Have a 3D Experience

Ok, we’re not telling you to put on your colourful cardboard glasses here. Both Steph, from the Florist of Twycross, and Emily, from the Emily Twyford Wedding Cakes, were in unanimous agreement that a wedding fayre is the perfect opportunity to experience tangible products, which simply cannot be done on a laptop screen. Emily said “with so many options and wedding cake styles, this is a chance to see numerous examples up close - you can examine the detail!” One other vital thing that we needed to trial on your behalf is, do the samples taste better in real life compared to via an iPhone? The answer is yes, oh yes!!

Make Your Mind Up

Emily provided a second peach of a reason to attend that local wedding fayre - it’ll help you to figure out where to start! Weddings are daunting sometimes, and you need a bit of inspiration to point you in the right direction. You might not book each element of your wedding day there and then, but you might decide on the style that you want to aim for and plenty of supplier details to help make your dream wedding a reality.

It’s a Personal Thing

“Weddings are very personal. You want to know that the suppliers at your wedding are on the same wavelength as you - so have a chat with them, get to know them and find out if they fit the bill.”

We think this is some excellent advice brought to you by Sophie, from Imagine Invites and Events, and Thomas, from Mambo Mobile Bars.

Ask questions - no question is a silly question! Will they create the vibe that you’re aiming for? Can they be flexible to your needs? Do they offer your favourite tipple - the special cocktail recipe you made up on that famous Friday night? This is the perfect opportunity to ask. Knowing that everyone attending your wedding, including the suppliers, are your kind of people will help you relax and enjoy your day to the full.

Top Tip Time

So, now you’ve made the decision and you’ve convinced your other half, you’re going to a wedding fayre! Excellent news! But, who do you take with you? Faye, from Wild Calligraphy GB, suggests that “you need to go with the person, or people, who know you best. They will help point you in the right direction to create the wedding that suits you down to a tee. They’ll also be honest if they need to be!”

Our second top 2019 wedding fayre tip comes courtesy of Sophie, from Imagine Invites and Events, who provides a corker of a recommendation! Use your mobile to take photos of business cards that you collect in front on the corresponding stand. That way, when you get home and put your slippers on, you’ll be reminded of who they are and what sparked your interest in them. Genius! There’s nothing worse than spending your morning looking at amazing wedding gems, and then not knowing who these business cards belong to!

A Photographer's Perspective

Now, you may think that we are a little bias as a wedding fayre isn’t complete without a photographer or two proudly displaying their past work. However, we too could simply sit comfortably behind our website shop front and answer your emails. But we want to meet you! And we think you should meet us too - and not just because we think we’re really interesting!

We will be with you throughout your wedding day - from the morning Bucks Fizz to the first dance - which means you’re likely to be distinctly more comfortable and relaxed with someone you have met and, to a certain degree, like. Having said that, drop us a line, and we can arrange to meet for a cuppa and a chat - we’re not at every wedding fayre afterall!

A Few More Snaps


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