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We Miss You. The Return of Weddings is Around the Corner.

A message from the wedding suppliers who help to make your big day magical. It's not just the business we miss - it's you. It's the joy. It's the craft. It's the emotion. It's the butterflies. It's people.

Yes, in some instances we're getting some financial support just about keep us going, but for the wedding industry, that's not enough. We do our work because we love our work. We know it's corny, but that's how things are in the wedding industry.

It goes without saying that we feel for our couples and those who planned to get married this spring / summer (or even autumn). We're sorry that your plans might not happen the way you'd hoped and we'll do everything we can to ensure you have a wonderful day when the time comes. But, the wedding sector has also been hit hard.


So, let's not dwell on the impacts of the 'C' word! We wanted to let you know what we're looking forward to when the industry rises to it's feet again! We got in touch with some of our wedding industry friends - our extended family - from Leicestershire and beyond and asked:

What's the one thing you're most looking forward to when the wedding industry kicks back into action? What have you missed? What do you love about your work?

Below are the responses we received alongside their Instagram accounts - check them out!

Anna Wood | Bridal Boutique // WEDDING DRESSES

"For us building relationships with our brides is key, we’ve been able to do that with our Virtual appointments, however we’ve missed the face to face contact being able to support our lovely brides."


"Just EVERYTHING! The love, the wedding bug, obsession for perfection, creativity, the smiles, the laughter and surrounding myself in cake! (Flooding therapy I'm addicted to everything sweet) xx"

Bramble and Twine // WEDDING FLOWERS

"I’ve missed making wedding flowers for a real life wedding! 😂 My most favourite part of my job is doing all the finishing touches on the morning of the wedding and delivering all the flowers. Especially giving the Bride her bouquet. I get butterflies every time."

Susan Denton Celebrant // WEDDING CELEBRANT

"I'm so looking forward to meeting my couples, in the flesh! Chatting, laughing, drinking coffee and enjoying their synergy: ready for me to start work on their wedding ceremony scripts!"

Ashton Lodge Country House // WARWICKSHIRE WEDDING VENUE

"We can’t wait for the wedding season to start again. We’ve really missed not seeing our couple’s dreams come true and hosting all their friends and families. We are already preparing to open our doors again and welcome you back to our venue. Whether it’s a spring or summer wedding full of bright flowers, sunshine and outdoor fun or a crisp and cosy autumn or winter wedding, we aim to deliver your perfect day. We have a variety of dates available for 2021, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to show you round our exclusive-use venue and be a part of your special day."


"I miss meeting my couples like mad, I'm such a romantic so I love hearing how they met, who proposed, how they did it and all the little unique quirky things about them 🤗 absolutely looking forward to putting the thoughtfully prepared creations into practice, so many sketches of cakes that can't wait to be! I LOVE when I place the final decoration at the venue and finally see all the elements of their wedding come together as one, just like they will 🤗😁🧀"

Maisie Darling Bridal Boutique // WEDDING DRESSES

"I have missed seeing brides face light up when they put their perfect dress on 😍😍😍"

Sylar // MAGIC

"Dude I miss performing live for people, I just can’t wait to blow some minds 😂"

The Lady Who Bakes // WEDDING CAKES

"Ohhhh I love the designing process & passing on all the fun & exciting ideas to my lovely couples!!! I miss coming up with new & inspiring creations to put together for wedding fayres & meeting potentially new clients & getting all excited for their big day!!!! Soon, soon, soooooooon!!!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼"

Charlotte Mawdsley // WEDDING SINGER

"Hearing the stories behind the songs couples choose 😍"


"Got to be their faces before and after getting married. Love seeing them relaxed afterwards and talking to them and they tell me all about how they felt!!!"

Chelsie Jade // WEDDING SINGER

"Seeing that smile as they hear the words to a song they have sung to each other countless times come drifting through the speakers as they walk up the aisle as husband and wife 🎼🌹"

Darley & Underwood Wedding Photography // LEICESTERSHIRE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

"We miss the fun of taking photos of beautiful weddings with our beautiful couples. Oh, and exploring new venues with all the photographic possibilities inside! We can't wait to actually shoot the weddings for all the couples we've been talking to over zoom for the last few months! Admin isn't as fun.... 😅"

To Conclude

We miss you. We cannot wait to help you to have the very best wedding day. When we get going again, we're going to be bigger, better and full of all sorts of awesome!

Love to all. Stay safe.


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