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2023 Wedding Cake Inspiration

Where better to find wedding cake inspiration for your 2023 wedding, than from 2022?! It's a no brainer! Ok, so the 2023 wedding cake trends might change a bit from the 2022 wedding cake trends, but we're no experts. If it looks too good to eat, we've popped a photo of it below.

Our method? We've had a good rummage through our 2022 wedding photography galleries to find some stunners for your eyes to marvel over. Grab a napkin, you're about to drool for the next 5 minutes. Unfortunately this is not a scratch and sniff enabled blog post, sorry.

To help you on your wedding cake planning journey for your 2023 wedding, we've even been kind enough to tell you who made these wonders. Maybe we should have charged a sponsorship fee for each entry, but that just wouldn't be within our caring, sharing ethos (quickly notes down sponsorship idea for next blog).

Your 2023 wedding cake inspiration begins, here:

Sarah and Sam's Global Wedding Cake

Gold leaf map of the world 2022 wedding cake.

Where? Mythe Barn, Warwickshire

Who made it? Cakes by Sophie Page

Why is it so good? Just look at that map!

Catherine and Sam's Floral Fiesta Wedding Cake

White multi-layered 2022 wedding cake with orange and red florals for decoration.

Where? The Granary at Fawsley, Northamptonshire

Why is it so good? How to make a cake really pop with amazing florals!

Amy and Katty's Elegant Wedding Cake

Elegant semi-naked wedding cake for 2022 wedding. 2023 inspiration with natural green floral decoration.

Where? Dodford Manor, Northamptonshire

Who made it? Meet Cute Cakes

Why is it so good? Simple elegance.

Laura and Tom's Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Tall 2022 wedding cake at Mythe Barn decorated with pink and purple roses.

Where? Mythe Barn, Warwickshire.

Who made it? Unknown. Must find out!

Why is it so good? Everyone loves to be semi-naked. Weeeheeeeey! Lads.

Charlotte and Liam's Personalised Figure Topped Wedding Cake

Homemade vegan wedding cake by the bride and groom with personalised peg doll toppers.

Where? Ettington Park Hotel, Warwickshire

Who made it? The bride and groom. The topper - Boo's Bitz.

Why is it so good? All of it. But, that wooden cake topper is amazing!

Laura and Joe's Cup Cake Wedding Cake

Colourful and individual wedding cup cakes at 2022 wedding. Tears of cup cakes by Cake Origin.

Where? Barnsdale Gardens, Rutland.

Who made it? Cake Origin

Why is it so good? Something for everyone. And, they're cup cakes!!

Heather and John's Classic Wedding Cake

2023 wedding cake inspiration in classic form. Classic three tear wedding cake with pastel colours and sugar roses.

Where? Hodsock Priory, Nottinghamshire

Who made it? Unknown.

Why is it so good? When we say "classic", we don't mean anything standard here. But, when you think of a beautiful wedding cake, something like this might spring to mind. Wow!

Ruth and Jamie's Geometric Beauty

Geometric wedding cake inspiration with pastel colours in scale layout.

Where? Norton Fields, Leicestershire

Who made it? A talented bridesmaid - Naomi Kelsall

Why is it so good? Look at the cleverness of that icing work! It just suited the couple down to a tee.

Clean, modern white wedding cake for 2023 wedding cake inspiration. Pistachio and rose decoration.

Where? Mythe Barn, Warwickshire.

Who made it? Amerton Wedding Cakes

Why is it so good? Clean, modern lines.

Alyssa and Dan's Natural Wedding Cake

Natural wedding cake with greenery for decoration. 2023 wedding cake inspiration blog.

Where? Badgers Mount, Leicestershire

Why is it so good? Perfect for a countryside wedding. Simple, but connected with nature.

Wedding cake inspiration for your 2023 wedding, done!


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