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"A Bold Move" Part 2

Sarah and Mike's big day seemed to come around so quickly! With all of the planning done and everything in place they were all set to tie the knot at The Nottinghamshire. They do say however that you can't book the weather and this was certainly the case this time around! But, with an upbeat and fun atmosphere and plenty on gin on offer you would never have known that it was raining cats and dogs outside!

Luckily we did have a short break in the downpour and this gave us the chance to brave the conditions and get a few shots outside.

Some of my personal highlights of the day included:

  • All of the little details - the gin bottle centrepieces and Instax camera book both stood out!

  • The speeches - Very, very funny and filled with love.

  • The fireworks - These were particularly spectacular.

  • The crazy quantity of confetti - seriously, there was loads of the stuff.

Here's a snapshot of Sarah and Mike's beautiful Spring wedding at The Nottinghamshire Golf & Country Club:


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