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A Water Park Wonder // A Warwickshire Engagement Shoot with Laura, Dan and the Pooch

Couple enjoying an autumnal walk at Kingsbury Water Park, Warwickshire. Smiling arm in arm and photographed through autumnal leaves. Black and white engagement photography

Some say that a third member in an engagement shoot is a little odd, but Ollie the dog throws that opinion right out of the water! Wait, what water? The water at Kingsbury Water Park of course! (Pause to laugh...).

Let's be serious for a second. Laura and Dan were a delight to spend a morning with wondering around the Warwickshire lakes dressed in autumnal colours. To add to this, Ollie was awesome, but wasn't too up to scratch with his social distancing skills. But we let him off based on a level of cuteness never seen before. Disclaimer - cuteness does not allow you to stop social distancing - hands, face, SPACE! Cheers Boris. Phil - keep it serious!

Kingsbury Water Park is a regular destination for Laura and Dan to take Ollie for a stroll, making it ideal for their engagement photo shoot. We very much encourage the couples we work with to select a location that means something to them - it adds a extra personal touch to their photos that they will look back at in years to come with fondness.

To stop me from annoying Boris any further, here is a snippet of our engagement shoot with Laura, Dan and Ollie in the Warwickshire countryside. Until the 2022 wedding, keep wearing that awesome bandana Ollie!


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