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Dr Dr, We're Getting Married! A Leicestershire Engagement Photo Shoot.

It was a misty old morning across the rolling hills and trickling streams at Bradgate Park, but that didn't stop us having a mini exploration of the iconic Leicestershire country park with Niki and Josh.

We'll be capturing all the fun and little moments of their wedding in June this year at Ladywood Estate, so this was a fantastic way to get to know the two young doctors a bit better and for them to gain confidence in front of the lens. It must be said that despite our terrible jokes throughout, we had a cracking time. Somehow though, Niki managed to get the loudest laugh with one, extremely well timed, magnificently executed, confident response as we hurtled towards another disappointing punch line - "GUACAMOLE!"

Niki's punch line was incorrect, yet tears of laughter were witnessed at the scene!

Aside from having a good giggle, we also dabbled in a bit of wildlife spotting with Phil not missing the chance to get the odd deer snap or two. It's Bradgate Park! It would be rude not to.

Here's a taster of Niki and Josh's engagement shoot - we hope you enjoy!

Thank you for choosing us as your Leicestershire wedding photographer for your summer wedding in 2020.

Our new year's resolution - to post more blogs featuring the wonderful couples we work with before, during and after their weddings. We just don't do it enough!


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