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A Frosty Pre-Wedding Photography Session with Heather and Rob.

Meet Heather and Rob. They're really rather awesome and they're due to get married this spring at Swancar Farm Country House, which is located in the beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside. We're looking forward to it!

As part of the preparations for their big day, Heather and Rob opted to have a pre-wedding photoshoot at Shipley Country Park one morning a couple of weeks ago. It was our first time visiting the park and it turned out to be a cracking location for a spot of photography. The frosty weather conditions were stunning for taking pictures too!

The morning was spent leisurely wandering around the park and occasionally stopping to take a few snaps, making this a great opportunity for Heather and Rob to relax into having their photos taken by professional wedding photographers. We generally recommend pre-wedding shoots as it makes wedding day photography much more relaxed.

An additional benefit to having a pre-wedding shoot is that they'll also received a selection of BEAUTIFUL (even if we do say so ourselves) non-wedding photographs too. So grab a warming cuppa and take a look at some of our favourite photographs, from a cold morning spend with great company.

Much love,

Al & Phil

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Phil Underwood
Phil Underwood
Feb 03, 2023


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