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When is an Engagement Shoot an Engagement Shoot? Funny You Should Ask…

I am writing this blog with a huge smile on my face! “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, it has something to do with the engagement photograph above which was taken at the famous Bradgate Park in the Leicestershire countryside. An engagement shoot with a twist!

It’s fair to say that we really like engagement shoots with our lovely couples. Ok, yes, we are bias here, but they are good fun, we get to know our couples more, we shout silly jokes at each other, we create some photographs to treasure and we like to get out of the house now and again (remember the outside world?).

The thing is, we call them “pre-wedding shoots”, rather than “engagement shoots”. The reason for this is simple – we aren’t photographing your engagement – you’re already engaged. What we’re photographing is a couple in love before their wedding day – beautiful! But, what about an engagement shoot with an actual proposal?!

Well, this is interesting! Very interesting indeed! Just a few weeks ago this actually happened! Here’s the inside scoop…

A number of weeks prior to the shoot in question, Alan contacted me to ask if I could take some pictures of him asking his girlfriend, Laura, to marry him at their favourite spot in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire. Added to this, in order to keep it a surprise, he needed my help to set up the perfect proposal scene. My response? Absolutely, yes! I said it like he had proposed to me…

This is the first proposal shoot we have done and I was seriously excited, nervous and honoured to be involved. To calm the nerves, I got there early with my camera bag, tripod, picnic basket, Champagne, blanket, candles and a beautiful bouquet of flowers in hand. Getting their early also allowed other park-goers to stop to chat to me about what I was doing every two minutes – nosy parkers!

The scene was set at the top of the hill (luckily not Old John – I’d be sweating buckets!) and all we needed was an overly excited Alan and an unsuspecting Laura to arrive – as well as Willow the sausage dog. The plan was for Alan to WhatsApp me when they were in the car park. No signal. Oh dear. Let’s hide behind this stone wall and wait for their arrival with my big lens attached for maximum zoom!

Sure enough, they arrived. They inquisitively scouted out the set up and Laura spotted the “Reserved for Laura Beades” sign on the picnic blanket.

Alan: “take a closer look and read the message in the flowers”.

Whilst her back was turned, Alan took to one knee and the tears started flowing for both of them. She said yes! When she could eventually get her words out…

Our huge congratulations to the future Mr and Mrs Chater! Thank you for allowing me to be involved in this very special day. An engagement shoot to remember! Here are a few snaps from my little adventure to Bradgate Park.

If you’d like us to capture the proposal you have planned, get in touch – we’d be delighted to help.

Stay safe. Phil x

COVID-19 note: This event occurred when restrictions allowed and was completed following the rules at the time.


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