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We don't have clients. We just make friends.

As wedding photographers we're asked to capture some of the most important moments of our couple's lives. It's a real honour!

Photography is a highly technical subject. While camera phones are incredible in the way that they complete thousands of calculations a second and composite several images together to produce the "perfect shot", there is so much more to it.

As professional wedding photographers, we're the ones making all of the calculations; exposure, depth of field, focal length, composition, shutter speed and movement, ISO and image noise. And that's just to name a few of the thoughts that we have when we take a photograph.

Decided to have an element of film photography at your wedding? Al will be using a 1960's Hasselblad. It's a camera that is nearly 60 years old and doesn't do any fancy stuff at all. It relies purely on the eyes and knowledge of the photographer to produce a great results.

Here's the thing though. To fulfil our roll the best we can, we don't just rely on our technical know-how. it's important for us to get to know our couples; Who are they? What do they do? What are their interests? What are their likes and dislike?

Getting to know people is what really counts. Going for coffee, taking a walk together, having a chat on the phone - making friends. That is the real secret to taking great photographs.

So as we roll towards the end of 2021 we thought that we would share a selection of selfies with some of the friends that we made this year. Enjoy.


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