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The Best Locations for an Engagement or Pre-Wedding Shoot in the Midlands and Beyond.

Updated: Feb 20

So you're planning on having a pre-wedding or engagement shoot, but now you're facing the question of where to go? Don't worry, we're here to help.

As East Midlands Wedding Photographers, we tend to find that the majority of our pre-wedding shoots are within an hour of Leicester, in the stunning countryside that we're so fortunate to have, although we have been know to go further afield by special request.

When our couples ask us for the best pre-wedding photo shoot locations, our general response is something along the lines of:

Choose somewhere that means something to you. It could be where you went on your first date together. It could be somewhere that reminds you of childhood explorations during warm summer days. It could just be somewhere pretty where you really enjoy walking the dog.

This may seem like a bit of a cop out and as if we don't want give examples of specific places, but there is a very good reason why we do this.

By choosing a location that has meaning to you, your pre-wedding photographs will be that much more special to you as a couple. It'll also give us a better idea of who you are and help us to see what makes you tick. Finally you'll probably feel more relaxed being somewhere familiar, rather than meeting two blokes with cameras in a carpark that you've never visited before.

This is all well and good, but you want LOCATION suggestions for your pre-wedding shoot in the Leicestershire area...

Ok, we get it... it's still not easy to pick a spot, so just this once, we'll help you out with some actual real suggestions for locations for your pre-wedding shoot or engagement shoot in the Midlands.

While we shoot pre-wedding photography sessions in Nottinghamshire, Rutland, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire and any other number of places around us, we'll pop the suggestions below based on their location relative to Leicester in an attempt to make your choice a bit easier.

For more information on each of our suggestions, you can click the name of the location to take you to the respective website. Clicking "map" will open the location on Google Maps.*

Suggested Locations for Pre-Wedding Shoots North of Leicester:

Bradgate Park // map

One of our most visited locations. It's great at any time in the year and easy enough to get away from the crowds.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens // map

Lot's of small tucked away spots away from large crowds of people offering varied backgrounds.

Beacon Hill Country Park // map

Lovely woodland on the way up to the top of the hill and some amazing views when you get to the top.

Shipley Country Park // map

Dovedale // map

A lovely spot for pre-wedding photography. There is a short walk from the carpark to get to Dovedale's famous stepping stones, with some stunning backdrops.

Suggested Locations for Pre-Wedding Shoots West of Leicester:

Market Bosworth Country Park // map

A lovely location for a pre-wedding shoot. There are various locations for photographs offering differing backdrops. Market Bosworth Country Park really changes through the season too.

Sutton Park // map

Large and varied, offering woodland, water and open green spaces.

Cannock Chase // map

Parking at the mountain bike centre is ideal - the paths here are all paved, but you don't have to stray very far from them to get to some beautiful woodland backdrops.

Suggested Locations for Pre-Wedding Shoots South of Leicester:

Coombe Abbey Country Park // map

Offers wonderful walks with a selection of backdrops, from more formal garden settings, through to natural woodland and water.

Knighton Park // map

A location that offer lots of potential settings, covering open green spaces, woodland and even small patches of meadow-like backdrops.

Harlestone Firs Forest Walk // map

A perfect location for a woodland shoot.

Burbage Common // map

A lovely setting offering open green space and woodland.

Suggested Locations for Pre-Wedding Shoots East of Leicester:

Rutland Water // map

Rutland Water covers a huge area and there are several parking places around the area offering varied backdrops and settings.

Barnsdale Gardens // map

Barnsdale Gardens is a beautiful venue which can be booked for your wedding day. They're also open to having engagement shoots too - click the link and send Charlotte a message to find our more. Here is a shot from Laura and Joes wedding.

Suggested Locations for Pre-Wedding Shoots Close To You:

Your Local Walks

Your Local Canal

We hope that these spots may help you to decided on the best location for your pre-wedding or engagement shoot.

Keep it real,

Al & Phil


*Please note that clicking links will take you to external websites which we are not responsible for.

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