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A Springtime Stroll Through the Countryside // An Engagement Shoot with Charlie and Max

Leicestershire Wedding Photographers Darley & Underwood capture Charlie and Max during their engagment shoot. Bring on their 2021 wedding!
Charlie and Max were great fun during their engagment shoot! We can't wait to capture their wedding next year.

We love Bradgate Park! Situated in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside, it's 850 acres of stunning green space. It also just happens to be one of Charlie and Max's favourite places too. That's why we were so darn excited when they asked us to photograph their July wedding that will be taking place there next year!

A few weeks ago we met with Charlie and Max in Newtown Linford and took a walk through the park for their Engagement Shoot. While the springtime sunshine didn't ever seem to quite arrive, it didn't stop the smiles.

Al's dad jokes fell a little flat as Max seemed to know all the punchlines (we really need to buy Al a new joke book) and at one point, in utter desperation, he even resorting to simply shouting "Imagine that I just said something REALLY funny!". As you'll see below, this seemed to do the trick...

Whilst there we also found out a little more about how their wedding planning was going and well.... it sounds like it's going to be AMAZING! Their "unconventional" wedding breakfast plans are certain to be a real treat, but I won't say here... I don't want to ruin the surprise for their lucky guests.

We can't wait to see how incredible their summer 2021 wedding is going to be. We feel so honoured as Leicestershire Wedding Photographers, being able to capture incredible events in such beautiful venues.

Much love, stay safe and look after each other.

Al & Phil x


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