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Grins so big we're surprised their faces didn't yurt // Jessica & Joseph's big day at Thorpe Garden.

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Jessica & Joseph's Wedding Day was Amazing!

Nothing was going to stop Jessica and Joseph from tying the knot!

With months of hard planning and uncertainty in the lead up to their big day, it was bloomin' typical that new wedding restrictions would come into place just weeks prior to Jessica and Joseph's wedding.

As soon as the news of restrictions broke our initial thoughts were something along the lines of "well that's put a spanner in the works", but we were so pleased to hear that they decided to push on and get married still.

This was the first restricted numbers wedding that we have had the pleasure of photographing and it was something truly special. You see, It's really wonderful to be at huge events with massive guest lists, but this wedding was different. It seemed particularly special because it was so intimate and it's honestly something that will stick with us.

As for the venue? Well if the title didn't give it away already it wasn't exactly what you would call "traditional". Jessica and Joseph had opted to have celebrate their wedding day at in the incredible yurt at Thorpe Garden. If you're currently looking for a venue, we would urge you to pay them a visit and have a look around - it's truly spectacular! We feel particularly honoured to be Midlands based wedding photographers and have such stunning venues around us.

Fancy taking a peek at some of the photographs? Keep scrolling! We certainly can't wait to meet with Jessica and Joseph next year to capture the reception on their anniversary!


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