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Wedding Guest Photography with Toddlers, Tots, Babies and Teens || And Top Entertainment Tips!

Wedding Photography in the Leicestershire Countryside - Ashton Lodge to be Specific

OK, so teens are a little different to toddlers (although some might argue otherwise!), but they all need to be taken into consideration when planning your big day. That’s if you choose to invite them. Not extending the invitation to kids is perfectly fine too. Decisions decisions!

In all honesty, we’ve been photographing some great weddings recently – most of which have involved youngsters at various ends of the age spectrum – and we wanted to show you some of the snaps we captured when kids are at their best at weddings! This isn’t a “how to entertain the younger guests at your wedding” blog – more an opportunity for us to post some photographs that might not necessarily make it onto our portfolio page or Instagram account.

Having said that, here’s some snapshot inspiration for you – you know, because we like to be helpful!

Inspiration for entertaining kids at weddings:

  • Outdoor games on the grass. Think colourful hula hoops, towering giant Jenga, funky bikes and trikes, badminton, even crazy golf!

  • Bubbles, not confetti. Confetti is good, but kids love bubbles! After the confetti / bubble shots, the bubble fun can continue throughout the reception.

  • Picnic blankets in the shade. Provide a space for kids to chill out or play in the shade – they’re not likely to want to sit quietly for an hour listening to the old’uns catching up.

  • The wedding photo competition. Direct competition to us, but why not give them a shot list? Challenge them to get a smartphone pic of the cake, grandpa having 40 winks and the happy couple having a cheeky kiss?

  • Dinner entertainment. Speeches and three course meals sound great to us. Not always great for the kids though. Go for colouring books, stickers, puzzles and jigsaws – but make sure to keep noise to a minimum.

  • Get them involved in the ceremony. Flowers girls and page boys – but tell them way in advance and get them to have some fun practicing! Or, 14-year-old Lucy might be quite the poet – allow her to show off her skills at the church.

Well, that’s a few more ideas than we were planning for, but under promise and over deliver, right? Now for some of our kids at weddings photography from recent weddings in and around Leicester, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire and Derby. Let us know if you like them!

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