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Pop Along to a Virtual Wedding Fayre! Wait… What?

The virtual wedding fayre, explained. #virtualweddingfayre Many moons ago, we wrote another blog on the subject of why you should still attend a good old wedding fayre in your local area, or even at the very venue that you plan to tie the knot at. We still think they’re a great idea - nothing has changed there. However, the world has changed - so we’re changing with it. It’s fair to say that we are in challenging times right now due to a widespread virus, which is what we are referring to in this blog. But, before we talk about virtual wedding fayres, we just want to say that we hope you are managing to stay safe, healthy and happy. It is not an easy time, but the scientists say that better times are on the horizon. Keep in touch with each other. Check in with your friends and family regularly and make sure they are ok. Ask twice - they might need a chat. In fact, we are also here, available and more than willing to have a chat - just drop us a line. We’ve mentioned it twice now - the "virtual wedding fayre"! That’s right, stay in your house - in fact, stay in your PJs if you want to - and enjoy an online version of a wedding fayre. There might not be any cake samples or bubbles on arrival unfortunately, but feel very free to bring your own - we will. But don’t tell the organisers! *Hick!*

“How does a virtual wedding fayre work?”

We hear you ask... Truth be told, they probably come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but this one on the 19th April with the Leicester Wedding Network is our first, so we’ll focus on how they’re doing it.

Leicester Wedding Network is hosting the virtual wedding fair on the 19th April. Leicester Wedding Network logo

The virtual wedding fayre will start at 11:00 on the Leicester Wedding Network Facebook page. First things first - like the Facebook page and turn the notifications on - that way you’ll get reminders in the run up to the event. To begin with you’ll be able to watch a nice little video, which is essentially a friendly introduction and compilation of images provided by each wedding supplier (including us) to provide a taster of what we all do.

Phil goes live on Facebook for a virtual wedding fayre demonstration
Phil on Facebook Live! Does he look terrified?

After the video goes live at 11:00, all of the wonderful Leicester based wedding suppliers - including venues, photographers, cake makers, wedding planners, dress makers and more - will have a Facebook Live slot to tell you a bit about themselves and their services / products, giving you the opportunity to ask us anything you’d like there and then. Literally anything. It’s like being in the same room as them! Sort of.

“Is that it?”

We hear you cry from the corner sofa... Crikey you ask a lot of questions! No, that isn’t it. Not only will you be able to ask some questions using the power of Facebook Live, you will also be able to arrange a one-to-one chat with any suppliers that have taken your fancy. This will be using Zoom (which seems to be all the rage these days) for an actual face to face discussion over the web or indeed via the good old telephone. Sounds like you need to get your notepad out! Better still, make use of the technology available and save all that paper and the nasties within - Notepad, MS Word, whatever the Apple version is… you get the picture. Phil’s wife made a spreadsheet when planning their wedding. She loves spreadsheets. She's cool. To conclude, please do join us as we attempt something new with some Leicester locals using global platforms. We might mess it up, but it’ll be funny watching us do it. You can laugh at us - we don’t mind - we’ll be laughing with you. We look forward to seeing you on the 19th via Facebook. Online. At 11:00. Don’t make us beg. Bring cake. Stay safe.

Ps. Not available on the 19th April? No problem. Have a browse of our portfolio and drop us a line for a chat anyway.

Wedding fair or wedding fayre? We'll allow you to argue this one out. Call it lockdown team building.)

Leicester Wedding Network logo. Recommended wedding photography supplier for Leicester


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