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Top Tips for Outdoor Weddings Under Canvas

The Hill Farm House landscaped outdoor wedding venue with duck pond and stunning views.
The beautiful setting at The Hill Farm House - including duck pond!

By “canvas” we’re talking tipi wedding venues, yurt weddings, fancy marquee weddings and indeed vintage Rajni Marquee weddings - the latter of which is dedicated especially to the lovely Niki from The Hill Farm House (you’ll find out why).

But, why would you opt for a “tent” in a field rather than a bricks and mortar wedding venue with, you know, glass windows and… a fixed address? Well in order to dig a little deeper, we’ve enlisted the help of Niki from The Hill Farm House and Faye from Carlicious Bespoke Weddings and Events.

Before we get stuck in, how do Niki and Faye know so much about outdoor weddings with added canvas I hear you ask? To put it simply, they’re both amazing suppliers within the outdoor wedding market - specifically Rajni and tipi weddings respectively.

As you might expect, both are based in the countryside - The Hill Farm House just outside of Corby, Northamptonshire and Carlicious based just outside of Nuneaton, Warwickshire. But, one of the advantages of such structures is that they’re mobile! Find an ideal spot (with permission) and plonk a stunning wedding venue where you want it. Job done! Well, maybe think about another thing or two before the guests arrive.

So, why get married in a tipi, marquee or yurt?

Wedding VW Beetle wedding car with bride and tipi wedding venue backdrop
One excellent way to arrive at your scenic wedding venue!

Both Niki and Faye strongly believe that relaxation is inevitable when embracing the outdoors. Imagine celebrating under a star-lit sky with your friends and family! Faye says; “There’s something magical about being in the middle of nowhere, and having that space all to yourselves, that allows you to really kick back and enjoy yourself.”

Talking of dancing under the stars – have you been dreaming of a festival wedding? You’re not alone! Not only is the style of the venue key to this theme, but Niki suggests that “having a traditional canvas marquee at a venue who allows Glamping is the perfect way to make your Wedfest!” This is where the flexibility of an outdoor wedding venue really starts to tick some boxes.

Versatility was noted as a huge plus point by Niki and Faye. By deciding on each specific element of the theme, it can even be very cost-effective! You can mix and match to create your perfect style – not just wellies and hay bales. Faye mentioned that there are so many little extra touches you can make to personalise every element of your day, making it reflect you and your partner in a way that will resonate with all guests throughout the day.

One more thing! Niki brought a suggestion to the table that many may not think of and we really needed to share; “glamour and elegance work just as well as rustic in an outdoor setting”. She’s not wrong!

Time for Those Outdoor Weddings Under Canvas Top Tips

(Catchy subtitle that really rolls of the tongue, Phil. Well done!)

Two hat tipi tipee wedding venue with outdoor horse trailer bars and dressed as a rustic wedding venue
A two hat tipi by Carlicious in the Leicestershire countryside

Faye’s top tip is to do with taste and tunes! “Make sure you prioritise both. We are huge foodies at Carlicious and can cater to all tastes, we even have a lip-smacking vegan menu.” We are happy to confirm that the food served by Carlicious is indeed lip-smacking! We’ve done thorough journalistic research for this one. In all seriousness, on many occasions you’re not restricted by one menu or even one catering team, so choose what suits your wedding style and your taste.

Niki themes her top tip for outdoor weddings around the Great British weather. Planning is key, but remember “great photos can still be shot, use your imagination with hiring beautiful colourful umbrellas, have some fun wellies or boots on standby and inform your guests to be prepared”.

The “Must Have” Additions for your Marquee or Tipi Wedding

Wedding shoes on the wing mirror of a Citroen 2CV at The Hill Farm House. Wedding photography Leicestershire
Are cool wedding vehicles a thing for outdoor weddings? Maybe! Here's a 2CV at The Hill Farm House

We are a big fan of Faye’s chill-out area suggestion. One structure won’t allow for a chit-chat away from the evening music, so think outside of the box (or tent on this occasion). Carlicious recommend “Kung” Tipis, a smaller tipi that they often fashion into a chill-out tent. “It’s a huge hit with guests – probably the same people who you always find in the kitchen at parties!”

Niki went for the item you’ve all been thinking about. Not something that screams wedding, but it’ll be wise to focus your attention here to prevent screams on the day! “The one addition I would recommend would be an upgrade on your toilets! There are some amazing portable toilets you can hire now, glamorous but designed well so you don't get your clothes covered in blue chemicals after a flush!” There really are some nice toilets out there nowadays (did I just write that?). Shop around and you’ll be surprised at the amazing loo options available (did I just write that too?).

Throwing Our Two Cents into the Mix

Bride in leather jacket and white dress. Documentary wedding photography Leicester
Beautiful outdoor weddings, with beautiful people.

OK – admittedly we’re not experts in planning an outdoor wedding with tipi (tipee) structures or rustic traditional marquees. But, the photographs we can capture when utilising a styled outdoor wedding venue are something we do know about! We love the outdoors. We love photographs taken in the outdoors. The beauty of the natural environment (or indeed cultivated farmland) suits a wedding down to a tee. Yes, there are other things to think about – posh loo’s, car parking, outdoor lights and where to put the hog roast. But the positives are hugely plentiful! You want a day to remember, right? We’ll leave you with that thought.

Happy wedding planning! Don’t forget the fire pit.

Coconut centre pieces in outdoor marquee wedding venue in Northamptonshire. Rustic table top.
Create your perfect wedding style with the suppliers you love

Black and white image of Heather Flint Music singing in a tipi wedding venue.
Time for a party under the stars!

Bride in white dress and floral head band with bridal bouquet of flowers. Black and white wedding photography Leicester
Suiting the tipi style down to a tee. Are your ideas flowing yet?

Full length white wedding dress hanging on tipi wedding venue in the Leicestershire countryside.
We love an outdoor weddings with unique venues. Can you tell?

Smiling donkey at the Hill Farm House wedding venue. Wedding photography Northamptonshire, near Corby.
You never know what you might find at The Hill Farm House. They have llamas too!!!


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Written by your friendly documentary wedding photography suppliers in Leicestershire and beyond.


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